• Passionate and Enthusiastic about all things beneficial to what is the largest Organ of the Body "Skin". My Belief is that beauty should be Natural and not Chemical. From the age of seven I myself developed a skin disorder called Psoriasis, it is very much under control now to what it was due to my extensive knowledge of the correct ingredients to put on my skin. From that point on I invested so much time and money trying out different products that advertised themselves to be natural and organic but nothing quite worked and I felt such sensitivity to most bath and body products which made the condition worse. I went on to study Beauty Therapy and became more and more interested and educated in skincare and bodycare, the course made me very self aware of my skin but recently I thought why not try and make some of my own products from scratch that I know exactly what is going into it and use ingredients I am certain are beneficial and natural. I feel everyone has the right to be more informed on the products they are using, I am forever reading ingredients labels on products and straight away I can identify ingredients I know my skin would be better off without. I can proudly say that what goes into my products is only what I myself would hope to find when buying any Bath & Body Products. My Products are all beneficial to your skin and are created to help promote positive effects for your well being as well as your skin such as relaxation, detoxification, and general mood uplifting. The Benefits are plentiful and I've made them purposely and consciously to help people who are looking to seek more from their Body and Skincare and hope to create a more educated and positive approach to ingredients perspective and their effects.



JoEve Bath & Body​